National Chiao Tung University Fully Funded Scholarships 2024 in Taiwan

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National Chiao Tung University Fully Funded Scholarships 2024 in Taiwan


The 2024–2025 National Chiao Tung University Scholarships are fully financed awards for students from overseas. Master’s and undergraduate scholarships are available from NCTU International. Undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate students each receive NT$21,000, NT$25,000, and NT$30,000 each month from these scholarships.
To encourage internationalization, National Chiao Tung University provides scholarships to deserving overseas students with stellar academic and research records so they can pursue higher education there. The Ministry of Education of Taiwan (R.O.C.) provides grants and subsidies to support the scholarship program. In theory, the fellowship is given for one academic year, but recipients are allowed to reapply and have their applications examined on a monthly basis in light of their academic standing and research accomplishments.

Brief Information

  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Master and PhD
  • University: National Chiao Tung University
  • Host Country: Taiwan
  • Scholarship Value: Fully Funded
  • Duration: Up to one year but can be extended
  • Deadline: 15. March. 2024

Benefits of Taiwan Scholarships

  • Initially, undergraduate students: a tuition waiver of up to NT$21,000 per month.
  • For master’s degree candidates: a tuition waiver or up to NT$25,000 per month.
  • Furthermore, doctorate students: a tuition waiver of up to NT$30,000 per month.

Eligibility Criteria For The Taiwan Scholarships

  • English is the language that is required.
  • All nations across the world are eligible.
  • When applying for a master’s degree, students must already have a bachelor’s degree or transcript from a sixteen-year education.
  • When applying for a Ph.D. degree, candidates must have a master’s degree or transcript of eighteen years of education.
  • In addition, candidates need to have an exceptional academic background.
  • Additionally, a strong desire to study or do research in Taiwan is required.
  • Students with extracurricular accomplishments, community service, social responsibility, and leadership qualities will be given preference.
  • Moreover, students must be able to demonstrate their command of the English language


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