About Station of Education

We are an online portal of opportunities who provide free access to all opportunity announcements for scholars and students to apply and pursue their education.

No, we are not partnered or affiliated with any university. We are only an online portal announcing opportunities.

Yes, totally. We take the information of opportunities directly from each university website and their original sources which are all authentic and genuine.

About Opportunities

You can browse the scholarship page or other opportunities pages of our website which are linked in the header of the website to find the suitable opportunity for yourself.

Each opportunity has different application process. The most common method of applying to opportunities are to carefully read the instruction in our website and open the original link of the opportunity and apply on its origin portal.

You can post opportunities in our website through sending the link or information of the opportunity by our contact form in contact page. Our team will review the opportunity and post it in our website after its approval.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Contact Us Directly

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Any information required about our website and portal.


If you have any opportunity available and want to post it here.


You can share your comment, feedback or complaint with us.

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