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PROMOS Funded Scholarship Program 2024 at University of Bremen | Germany

Description of the PROMOS Scholarship

In order to encourage student mobility while pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at Bremen University, the PROMOS program provides scholarships for up to 4 months. Full-time academic endeavors like abroad study, internships, or international research initiatives will be supported by this grant. Students can also apply for a one-time grant of 500 euros for each course to help pay for language or subject-related courses.

About the Bremen University:

The University of Bremen is a public research university located in Bremen, Germany. The institution was founded in 1971 and has an illustrious history of research in the engineering, social, and natural sciences. The institution, which offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in both German and English, is attended by more than 20,000 students.

For an international student, attending the University of Bremen can be a remarkable experience. It is simple to adjust to the new environment because of the university’s friendly community and diverse student body. To help its international students, the institution offers a variety of resources, such as language courses, cultural events, and student organizations. Bremen has a rich cultural history and offers a variety of leisure and exploration opportunities.

Degree Level:

Apply for the PROMOS Scholarship Programme 2024 to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs at the University of Bremen in Germany.

Scholarship Benefits for PROMOS :

  • The monthly budget for coursework, thesis writing, and internships is 350 euros; in some nations, it may even go as high as 550 euros.
  • The award is given out by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023.
  • Only programs (such as IAESTE, annual DAAD scholarships, etc.) without a specific DAAD funding stream are supported.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applying is only open to the University of Bremen students who are enrolled with the goal of receiving a degree. Measures from the home country are not included.
  • All nations are qualified.
  • The list excludes nations for which the German Foreign Office has issued a travel warning.
  • The program pays for students’ stays abroad for education, employment, and language immersion.
  • Partially funded fellowships for graduate students are occasionally available.

Application Procedure For PROMOS Scholarship:

  • The online mobility portal MobilityOnline must receive applications from PROMOS-Coordinators assigned to each department.
  • The list of PROMOS-Coordinators is located in the download section on the right.
  • To be accepted, applications must be finished and sent on time.
  • You are only permitted to submit one PROMOS application for each activity, always through your own core topic, even if you are accepting an exchange post from a different department.
  • The jury and the nomination lists are given to the international office by the PROMOS representatives in the departments.
  • As a result, the International Office emails each scholarship recipient with their grant information and distributes the scholarships.
  • To access the online application portal, which will be accessible 4 weeks prior to the deadline, please click the “Access to the Application Portal Mobility Online” link.

Note: If you encounter any technical difficulties when submitting your application online, please contact us at

The essential selection criteria listed below are:

  • Educational successes (grade report)
  • Additionally, the importance of the planned international trip
  • knowledge of a second language



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