Geneva Academy Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 In Switzerland

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Geneva Academy Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 In Switzerland


A fully paid master’s scholarship, the Geneva Academy Scholarship 2024–2025 is available to international applicants. The living costs and tuition for Geneva are covered by this scholarship. Only nationals of non-Western nations are eligible for full scholarships.
International students may apply for master’s scholarships at Geneva Academy in Switzerland to complete their LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. One of the most cutting-edge and academically demanding programs in international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights available in Europe today is International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (LLM).

This one-year postgraduate degree program offers advanced, thorough, and hands-on training in IHL, international criminal law, international human rights law, and the interactions between these fields.

Brief Information

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Institution: Geneva Academy
  • Host Country: Switzerland
  • Deadline: 24. Feb. 2024

Benefits of The Geneva Academy Scholarship

For Full Funded Scholarship:

  • Expenditures for ten months of living in Geneva
  • Full tuition fees

For Partial Scholarship:

  • Only tuition fees

It is notable that full scholarships are only available to nationals of non-Western nations, thus applicants from Western European, Australian, Canadian, and North American countries will not be taken into consideration.

Eligibility Criteria For Geneva Academy Scholarship

  • TOEFL or IELTS required
  • All countries are eligible
  • Students may need to attend conferences and class presentations in French, thus having some passive knowledge of the language is advantageous.
  • A good academic standing.
  • A clear indication of interest in the program’s subject matter, such as work experience, internships, summer school, conferences attended, publications, etc.
  • A complete law degree (acquired by June at the latest) allowing the applicant to take the bar exam in the applicable nation; or a different degree if the applicant has had extensive training in public international law and has taken courses relevant to our program (such as international human rights law, international humanitarian law, or international criminal law).


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