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AUAF MBA Scholarships for Afghans 2023 | Online

AUAF MBA Scholarships for Afghans 2023 | Online

In essence, the Online MBA (Master of Business Administration) program at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) is now taking applicants for the Fall 2023 academic term. Additionally, a thesis statement is necessary for the five-semester online MBA program. Additionally, via the online program’s emphasis on entrepreneurship, students will learn business skills like decision-making, communications, finance, strategic management, business development, and how to run a business. Students might anticipate learning how to provide a commercial answer for social challenges among many other things.

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AUAF MBA Scholarships for Afghans 2023 | Online

  • Candidates must be Afghan citizens and hold a BA or BS from a recognized university in order to be considered.
  • English language proficiency, preferably with a background in business.

Who Can Apply for Bachelor’s Degree?

  • High school graduation is required, though students who are unable to enroll in the spring or autumn of 2022 may still apply.
  • living in Afghanistan and speaking English well

AUAF MBA Scholarships for Afghans 2023 | Online

  • Applicants must prepare the required documentation.
  • Additionally, email their documents to the submission email as soon as they have finished.
  • The online application is accessible at the following link.
    • Email for submissions:
  • Your application must be submitted by 30 April 2023.

What are the Required Documents?

  • Passport, Tazkira, resume, university transcript, and diploma
  • Moreover, two letters of recommendation, ideally one each from a professor at a university and a letter from a current or former job
  • Would you compose an essay on “Will you offer a business solution for a social problem from the knowledge you received at AUAF”?
  • English test results. It’s necessary to have a Duolingo, TOEFL, or IELTS score.
  • If you need to pass an English test, we offer free Duolingo tests to applicants who do not yet have a score.

Essential Point:

This application, which is only for online study, will be available online during the entire degree. Please visit the American University of Afghanistan’s website for further information.

Students who meet the English score criterion will be contacted by the dean of students to set up a meeting. In extreme circumstances, the English score requirement may be removed for AUAF graduates.

Disclaimer: The MBA has already been recognized by the AUAF; the Bachelor’s degree may be made public in the future. But they took care to include all the information on the application form, demonstrating that those with a bachelor’s degree can apply. Users and students should exercise their own judgment when using this information.



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